Just a true thought

people say that they are happy going out and having fun. thats tru. but when they go out they are probly about 80% mostly driven to find someone they like to talk to or hangout with. or possible even end up dating. so the real thing here is that…no one is really happy being single. everyone wants to find that right person whether they say theyr happy about being single or not.


I just realized that these past few days to week have been really hard on my mind and on my heart. i seriously wish things could be easier

so heres what up on my end

everything is pretty much going on. school is suckin right now. the only thing i really have running through my head is the girl i really like. shes amazing, beautiful, fun…just about everything i can imagine liking in a girl. So your probly wondering why im posting this? well wats running through my head is that she says she hasnt really gotten a “more than a friend” vibe. so im thinking ok, ill do everything i can to get her that vibe because to me, she is worth it. she hasnt had really any luck with relationships because she keeps going for either younger guys or guys that are complete jerks and dont treat her the way she should be. i would treat her like a princess. i find it hard to see that she can like these guys that are complete dicks, and not like guys such as me. yea i can understand her wanted fun and all that other stuff. i am a very fun person, athletic, can carry conversations, everything she is looking for. so i guess i can only hope she notices and will actually give me a chance to show her what a REAL relationship is like. maybe shes like that because of the relationship she had a long time ago when the dude cheated on her. i know it broke her heart but it doesnt mean she cant like someone that much again. that same thing happened to me and so i know for a fact i would never do that to her. maybe now shes not looking to like someone that much because shes scared…i dont know. im taking my chances with her as much as i can. because i just got to let her know how i feel. i really do hope she gives me a chance.